July 3, 2014

What’s it like to take on the Executive Director’s role at QDF? Imagine that you’re driving in a familiar, yet different city. It is rush hour and you have to merge onto a highway, at a spot where it is also intersecting and merging with several other highways. Add to this that you have been entrusted with the responsibility for precious cargo, and are tasked to map and report the route for the safe navigations of others. It is a moment of fraught anxiety, wrapped in excitement and optimism.

The blessing of course, is the tail wind that assists me as I begin my forward momentum. This in the form of a welcoming and supportive community, that grasps our interdependence, and has readily offered to help me get up to speed.  Add to this, that I find myself with a first class pit crew, having inherited an A-team of very industrious and vibrant individuals.

At the risk of pushing a metaphor to the point of exhaustion, while the road ahead no doubt features some steep climbs and curbs, I feel like I have reserve tanks of nitrous oxide and I just got the green flag.


Deborah Forde

Executive Director

Quebec Drama Federation

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