Launching into Fall

September 8, 2014

After the very warm weather of the past couple of weeks, I am more than happy to welcome fall. What better way to project myself forward, than the coming attractions on offer at the QDF Fall 2014 Launch.  Having sat in that audience before, at the Segal Centre, I remember the feeling of discovery as each presenter took the stage. The addition of film clips offered another dimension that just pulled me in closer.

What I did not anticipate was just how nervous I would be in representing the QDF team. There I stood, doing all the things that I call actors on; pacing the stage, gesticulating needlessly and not being completely off book.

Yet as I stood there, my knees quickly stilled. The love coming at me quickly reminded me, that we were all there for the same reason; the love of theatre. All I had to do was get out of the way, without a pratfall, and join love fest.

It was fantastic to look out and see a full house. Theatre is produced for people. The people who come out to launches a) help the Artists get a feel for how the work is resonating and b) communicates that ours is a vital and engaged theatre going community. The warmth and appreciation in the room tonight will feed the souls of the Artists who participated.

Speaking of Artist, I am a great admirer of Ms. Natalie Tannous. While much of that has to do with my appreciation of her skills as an Actor, what I love about her most is how genuine she is. Natalie delves into character so deeply, one could fear her getting lost, but her “in it” and “out of it” is so sharp, and her sense of self so integral, that in the end you are just left awed. It was a great pleasure to share her again with the English Theatre community. She kept it real, and kept us moving.

As for the work presented, I cannot say how impressed I always am.  As those of us who work the boards know, launches don’t always fall at ideal times, and promotion is a challenging task to take on alongside productions. Unlike previews at the movies, which are an edited form of final cuts, much of what is presented at launches are works in progress. To perform work that may not yet be complete, under less than ideal circumstances, is nerve wracking at best. One of the pleasures of attending launches is that when you go to see the shows, you also get a glimpse at how they have grown since the launch.

As always, I am grateful to the fabulous QDF team, led for this event by Cassandra Togneri, for an evening that went off like clockwork.  The Segal Centre family is so warm and supportive, that is always a pleasure to work with them.  and the Segal Centre space is fabulous space to work in; open, yet intimate.  All told, I could not ask more from my first launch.

If you are looking for me on a Monday night, you just may find me taking advantage of the Segal Centre’s industry night. It scores high points on my check list: a 7 pm show and the chance to participate in industry talk back, all at a great price thanks to my QDF Membership. If you are a theatre artist and don’t know what I am talking about, call the Segal now.


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