A Gathering Moment 

November 24, 2014

This evening I had the pleasure of assisting at my first AGM as ED. We rarely get the chance to gather as a community, so despite the pressure of the moment, I was really looking forward to it.

AGMs are basically dry events, where we review the challenges and achievements of the organization over the past year, and cast our eye forward to share intents for the future.  Yet this being the theatre community, we managed to bring much warmth into the room. As we detailed the challenges we face, there was such a lightening of the weight as the community responded with insight and support.

There is no question, that a position such as mine, where I am accountable for and to an entire community, is enough to keep me up some nights. The AGM was a great reminder that while that may be my circumstance, I am also surrounded by a insightful and giving community, and I am far from in this alone.

While such meetings are a great opportunity to engage in dialogue, I hope that this AGM was just a start of our conversation. This blog, as well as other team efforts, is our way of extending that conversation. We hope you will also find ways to keep us apprised of what you’re thinking, and allow us opportunities to join your conversations.

Unfortunately, my conversation was cut short that night, due to pressing personal matters. I am very sorry that I did not have the time to join the more social aspect of the evening.

Thanks you to all that came out to join us, and I hope to exchange with many more members during the events of year ahead and at our next AGM.


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