A Case of Mistaken Identity.

January 15, 2015

We all have different roles and titles we wear. As we add each new one, the others must be adjusted.

By nature, I am a frank and forthright person, who has no problem being accountable for the things I say. Taking on the title of ED here at QDF however, means that I, as an individual artist, must distinguish when I am speaking for me, and when I am speaking for QDF. Moreover, there are some things that I just cannot speak on, as I could be perceived as speaking for the community.

Add to this, that I had a few precious years recently, where I was invisible in the community – no one but my closest and dearest heard/cared  what I had to say, and I didn’t have to worry if they knew what I meant by it.

Recently, I signed an open letter for DAM, first as an individual artist, and then on behalf of QDF. I subsequently made comments on the issue from the perspective of an individual artist, which could be projected onto QDF.

It turns out I have gotten a little lax on my press savvy. Context and sound bites are more important than ever. I have and will address the content of what I said as an individual elsewhere. As ED, I felt it important to detail the constructs of what happened for you, our members.

QDF signed DAM’s open letter to the Rideau Vert, after the Board reflected on its contents, and felt they could stand in agreement with it. Any statements attributed to me after, were a result of comments made by me as an individual artist. The QDF Board, as representatives of the QDF community take serious their responsibility to reflect on what happens in depth, consult members where necessary and make a decision on how to move forward. As such, calls for comments could not be addressed by me as ED.

I erroneously thought that I could clearly communicate that I was speaking as an individual. I made a mistake. Regardless of intentions and actual comments, I remain responsible for the results. As such, I assure you, that while I value my voice as an individual artist, for now, I will reserve it for my playwriting. As your, ED will endeavour to ensure no such miscommunication will be repeated by me.


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