March 20th, 2015

The Cycle of Growth

It is said, that you truly know something when you can teach it to others. Sharing with others is a great way of knowing just how much you know. Better yet, is that when others share with you, you have the opportunity not only to learn the new, but also to learn anew.

Today, I attended the annual YES Artists Conference. While I may relatively new to the field, I am not new to the game. As such, I expected the renewal of learning anew, that which I already knew, but I did not anticipate the firestorm of creativity it set off in me.

Speakers such as Jordan LeBel, Jean Robert Nolet, Linda Rutenberg, and Dr. Lidia Varbanova shared with such passion that I was instantly reconnected to the “why” of my career choices. A large panel, that included our own Amy Blackmore, exploring a single subject, networking, allowed us to perceive best practices, as well as, reminded that there is more than one way to make it happen.

On this the first day of spring, I am reminded that our work not only consists of our development efforts, but also of the seeds we sew, and the fertilizer we feed them with.  I may not know exactly where I will apply the knowledge and ideas I cultivated today, but I have no doubt that the investment I made in going today will pay off ten fold in the future.

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