March 21, 2015


The strength of QDF is found in its members; people who are committed to their practice and recognise the significance of our interconnectedness. While we at QDF toil within the specific field of English-language Theatre in Quebec, we also recognise that our membership is made up of individuals and practices that are diverse and varied. Shifts in trends, resources and profiles, also require that occasionally, as an organization, take time to reflect, review and readjust where needed.

Over the month of March, our communications department has been surveying members, partners and stakeholders to solicited feedback about QDF and its services.  On March 21, the Board of Directors, representative of a cross section of our community, met in retreat to engage the three Rs, and chart the course for the next three years. The work has just begun, but I can report a meeting that was enthusiastic, engaged and energising.

We will be keeping you posted on developments, and will consult with members regarding any major changes, as always, at our annual AGM.

Special thanks to Mr Barry Cole and Christine St. John, who volunteered their time to guide and assist us in our endeavour, and whose support was invaluable.

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