Like many Montrealers, when it comes to transportation, I am a BMW kind of person –bus, metro, walk. While I have pet peeves about the transit system, as an artist who is committed to exploring the human condition and the systems that connect us, there is no greater stimulation to my creativity, than a trip on the metro or bus.

On Monday February 29, I met a group of artists that share my fascination, and have crafted an engaging piece of theatre that captures the energy of transit through a blend of storytelling, live video and dance.

Bus Stops written and directed by Marilyn Perreault and produced by Theatre I.N.K., is the world premier of the English translation of Lignedebus. All but one of the cast members, were a part of the original production in French, thus allowing them to inhabit these characters like second skins. Whether it is the longing of lovers parting at a bus stop, or the infectious energy of youth on a bus, Bus Stops offers all an opportunity to glimpse themselves in a public space. Bus Stops is driven by a narrative built on the seed of catastrophe that brings forth stories of fear, love, isolation and rejection.

For those captured by design elements, the large deconstruct-able bus is a wonderful playground. Not only does it play a vessel to hold and surround the action, but also forms a backdrop for the projection of evocative text and images.

Centaur theatre will be issuing tickets to ride from March 1- 27th and is offering discount passage for youth, as this is an excellent opportunity to introduce teens to theatre, for it is inclusive of their experience in life.


For box office information contact: Centaur Theatre 514-288-3161 or


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