The following piece was submitted by Len Richman, director and co-producer of A Perfect Picture: A Theatrical Hommage to Kevin Carter. The play is written and performed by Laurent McCaig-Pitre. The piece is part of QDF’s series of artist-submitted works detailing experiences creating at the 26th edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival.

Every once in a while, one comes across a story that becomes of great importance to the self and the collective. Every once in a while, one discovers an actor that has the innate ability to manifest that story. I found that story, its writer and the actor all in one package. A privilege, indeed. Collaboration is a meeting of hearts and minds. The partnership of script, actor and director is here to share with each and everyone at the MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels).


Kevin Carter is known for his Pulitzer prize- winning photograph of a vulture preying upon a skeletal child during the famine in Sudan in 1993. The image spread across the globe, mired in controversial backlash about the fate of the child and an outpour of compassion for Africans facing the plight of famine.

The play, “A Perfect Picture,” examines the life and work of photojournalist, Kevin Carter. It brings us to think about the distance we put between us and those who most desperately need our help. If we can understand each other’s stories, we can begin to build bridges that bring us closer together so that no one is ever too far from the reach of a helping hand.

A Perfect Picture plays from June 9th-19th at the MAI (3680 Jeanne-Mance). For showtimes and tickets, check out the FRINGE website!

Thursday June 9th – 8:00 PM
Saturday June 11th  – 12:00 PM
Monday   June 13th  – 6:00 PM
Tuesday  June 14th  – 11: 30 PM
Friday     June 17th  – 9:45 PM
Saturday June 18th  – 4:30 PM

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