Local News

Puzzling play comes to Montreal’s English theatre

By: theconcordian.ca

Persephone Productions is bringing its brand new play, Jerome of Sandy Cove, to the Mainline Theatre from Oct. 6 to 16. Based on the true Canadian story of a man named Jerome, who mysteriously washed up on the shores of a Nova Scotia town back in the 1800s, the play examines the man’s life and origins.

Interview: Executive Director Michel Lefebvre talks 47 years of Youtheatre

By: montrealtheatrehub.com

“He’s quite a character,” we were amusingly forewarned, “and he sees theatre in a very different light.”

Indeed. But as one with the vitality and jubilance of the young audiences he serves, you can’t help but not be enamoured.


National News

Banks of Seine River become theatre as canoeists paddle by

By: cbc.ca

About 250 people boarded canoes and shoved off Saturday to take in an artistic performance along the shore of the Seine River in Winnipeg.

P.E.I.’s Professional Theatre Network targets theatre vacationers

By: cbc.ca

P.E.I. has an opportunity to market to people interested in watching professional theatre while on holiday, says the Professional Theatre Network.

ZoomerMedia takes a zig into live theatre

By: thestar.ca

She’s an indie theatre darling, an effervescent 30-year-old writer and director who greets her interviewer with a hug even though we’ve never met before.

He’s one of Toronto’s most influential media moguls, a senior presence in TV, music and radio whose current company, ZoomerMedia, focuses on entertainment for the 45-plus set.

On the surface they may seem unlikely creative partners, but Kat Sandler and Moses Znaimer have found a common interest in making performances that cross back and forth between live and recorded media, and a belief in following their instincts.

Theatre community deserves informed, honest critics

By: theglobeandmail.ca

When writing a review, I avoid reading any other critic’s response to the work in question – like most reviewers, I imagine. But after I’ve filed, I’m Googling like crazy. Were my impressions similar to those of my counterparts?

Toronto theatre troupe bringing Shakespeare to unlikely places

By: metronews.ca

Victoria Urquhart got an unexpected request after she and her fledgling theatre troupe performed a Shakespearean mash-up on the subway six years ago.

“My grandmother called and said, ‘I’d love for you to come to my retirement residence,’” she recalls.

The rest is history.

Ottawa musicals raise money for mental health and more

By: theglobeandmail.ca

A few years ago Joan Edwards Frommer was working as a stage manager at a volunteer theatre company in Perth, Ont., when she met Cindi Lee Bates who was acting in one of the productions. The two hit it off and discovered a mutual passion for theatre.

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