Centaur Theatre kicked off their 2016-17 season prior to the opening show of Constellations on Thursday, October 6. The theme for the theatre’s 48th season is “Swept Away”, in reference to the wonderful way live theatre is able to transport audience members into a different world.

The first show of the season, Constellations, written by Nick Payne and directed by Peter Hinton, takes the concept of “Swept Away” to the next level, or rather, the next dimension, by transporting audience members into alternate universes throughout the show. If you’ve ever pondered on some of the many “What if’s?” in life, like “What if I hadn’t gotten angry?” or “What if I had given them another chance?” you will definitely get caught up in Constellations, as it explores the many factors in a relationship which can cause a couple to stay together, or break up.

Centaur Theatre’s season will continue with other incredible mainstage productions throughout 2016 and 2017. The Watershed, Bakersfield Mist, You Will Remember Me, Clybourne Park, and Bed & Breakfast will sweep audience members away on journeys through the past and present, to places in Canada and across the world.

For behind-the-scenes fun, there will be Sunday Chat-Ups before the first Sunday Matinee performance of each show, as well as some Talk-Backs scheduled after the shows. This is a great chance for students and theatre-goers to learn more about their favourite performances and what it takes to produce them.

Beyond this year’s mainstage shows, we can look forward many other events and performances, including Urban Tales. This year, the satirical storytelling event will combine the spirits of both Christmas and Halloween for the theme of ghosts of Christmas past, present and future! For more information about all of the events happening at Centaur Theatre this year, check out their Season Brochure.

If Constellations is any indication, we can’t wait to see how this season at Centaur Theatre is going to allow us to become Swept Away through amazing and captivating live theatre. I’ll be sure to save you a seat, see you there!

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