Director Amy Blackmore is proud to carry forward the classic Rocky Horror tradition this Halloween season

To tremendous success, Mainline Theatre is performing Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the fifth year running. Amy Blackmore, a long-time fan of the Rocky Horror tradition, is resuming her role as director. So far, the show has been sold out multiple nights and is only gaining in momentum. The performance is a full-on musical, including a live band and back-up singers, so audience members can expect an immersive and fun-to-watch show experience.

“It’s funny, Rocky and Halloween don’t actually have much to do with each other, and I’m not a huge Halloween fan,” said Amy. “But I get pumped for it every year because of Rocky Horror. I’ve been going to see screenings and participating in the tradition since I was a teenager, and I’m proud to carry it forward as an adult in my current role as director.”

Despite not actually being a Halloween show, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become synonymous with this time of year. Amy thinks that perhaps Halloween is the time of year when people are more willing to discuss topics which are typically taboo. “Rocky really transcends multiple generations,” she said. “Especially in the values of the show: diversity, accessibility, sexual freedom, all of which are still topics that resonate now, and will continue to resonate for a long time. Rocky is really a fun, sci-fi, campy, kitsch, cult classic, and it’s a fun way to deal with these topics that people don’t feel comfortable talking about most of the time.”

The show, as a musical with live performers, is a much more intimate experience than a typical film screening with a shadow cast in front of a screen. “Audiences love the addition of the live band, it makes you feel like a real part of the show,” explained Amy. For the second year in a row, the production will have a female Frank, played by Stephanie McKenna. “It’s not often that a woman plays this role, and we are really proud of that in our production,” said Amy.

Audiences can also expect a slightly different show each night. Not only do audience members participate using traditional Rocky Horror call-backs, but this production encourages original call-backs, as well. “Don’t worry,” said Amy, “the actors have been trained to anticipate these call-backs so they are never stumped, and it really makes each show a unique experience from night to night.” One thing not allowed, though, is throwing of rice, toilet paper, or other food items. As Amy reminds us: “We have real actors up there!”

If you want to see Mainline Theatre’s presentation of Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’d better get your tickets fast. Many nights have already been sold out, so get on the ball! This play runs until October 31, click here for more information.

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