Brand new musical at the Segal Centre has a stellar cast filled with Montreal talent

In 2002, headlines throughout Canada and around the world were talking about a blue-haired teen named Marc Hall who was suing the Catholic school board in his town for the right to take his boyfriend to prom. It was a huge news story, and the school board ended up conceding and allowing the teens to go to the prom together. The Segal Centre’s Prom Queen: The Musical is bringing this important story to the stage. The cast is star-studded and contains lots of Montreal-grown talent.

With a huge, 18-person cast, energetic song and dance numbers and a storyline of passionate high school romance, Prom Queen is a fun show to watch. Jamie Mayers, playing the part of Napoleon in the cast, said it is just as exciting to perform. “People tell us we look like we are having so much fun, because it’s so energetic,” he said. “The dance moves are fun to do and everyone is having the time of our lives doing it.”

Jamie is making a return to the Segal Centre, where he did his first professional play, Lies My Father Told Me. “It’s really incredible to be back, at the Segal Centre, it’s a loving place that I call my home away from home” said Jamie. “Prom Queen and Lies My Father Told Me are very different plays, but are similar in that they each tell important stories.”

Prom Queen: The Musical’s story follows Marc Hall as well as a cast of characters, as their high school gets ready for prom. Marc’s storyline follows his fight with the schoolboard for the right to take his boyfriend to the prom. In the meantime, his friends and classmates are also preparing for the big night. Jamie’s character, Napoleon, is Marc’s friend who is a bit of a nerd, and a huge film buff. “Napoleon is hiding behind his camera for most of the show, and is secretly desperate to go to prom. He jumps at the chance to go when he’s asked,” said Jamie. “The character adds some comic relief, and it’s a cool opportunity to be able to add the balance to the show.”

Jamie was pretty young when the Marc Hall story broke, but he’s proud to be part of its presentation on the Montreal stage. “The story is so important for Canadians, and I’ve even had friends in the states who know about Marc Hall and have messaged me about the play. He’s very important to a lot of people in the world,” said Jamie. “It’s still so relevant today, even just the idea of being a teenager and being accepted for who you are, and finding your way in this world.”

Prom Queen: The Musical is a highly entertaining show, depicting one of the biggest stories in Canadian news history. “We have put together an incredible show, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing group of people who are so focused on getting the work done and making the show as rich and layered as possible,” said Jamie. Prom Queen is playing at the Segal Centre until November 20, click here for more information.

Jamie Mayers – Napoleon in Prom Queen: The Musical


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