Comedic play hits the Montreal Improv stage

Nir Guzinski thinks that right now we could all use a laugh, and the play he is co-directing and co-producing at Brave New Productions is just the ticket. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is classic stage comedy with a twist, written by Christopher Durang, running at the Montreal Improv theatre from December 8 until December 11.

This 2013 Tony award winner for Best Play is being performed in Montreal for the first time.  The story focuses on a pair of adult siblings, Vanya and Sonia, living together and moaning about the way their lives have turned out. Their existence is shaken up, however, when their sister Masha, a movie star, swoops in and adds some drama with her new boy toy, Spike. The play is a black comedy about sibling relationships, regret, and the potential of losing their ancestral home.

“This play is pure comedy,” said Nir. “Recently, there have been a lot of musicals and dramatic plays, but this show is theatre of the absurd meets Chekhov. But you don’t have to know Chekhov to enjoy it.”

The costuming, done by Coral Coughlan, sets the comedic tone. “A large part of the play is the characters getting ready to go to a costume party, and Masha trying to dictate their theme,” said Nir. “The costumes throughout the play, but especially in the scenes with the characters dressed up as part of a Snow White theme, really add another element of the absurd.”

The show has a cast full of Brave New Productions veterans, as well as a few new faces. “Working on this play has been an amazing experience,” said Nir. “The actors are having fun with their characters and bringing out the humour in every scene.” For me, as a director, even though I’ve seen the scenes “hundreds” of times, I still find myself laughing at the jokes. It’s a very funny show.”

Brave New Productions is a Montreal-based theatre company. Their focus is on mixing art and entertainment, and sharing new and original content with the Montreal community. “We like to bring things to the stage that have an impact, and make you think but also make you feel,” said Nir. “This play is really going back to the roots of Brave New Productions and is really enjoyable to watch as an audience member.”

“I think we all need some comedy right now,” said Nir. “This is good timing for this type of show. It’s a good laugh, a relatable family dynamic, and a fun night to enjoy some excellent theatre.”

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike runs at the Montreal Improv theatre from December 8 until December 11. For more information, click here.


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