Local News                                

Centaur Theatre Sets 20th Annual Wildside Theatre Festival Lineup

By: Broadwayworld.com

For its 20th anniversary, Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival, running from January 5 to 15, 2017, presents one of its most eclectic line-ups for the “hottest two weeks in winter”! Seven stimulating shows packed with humanity, humour and music, explore themes of female, cultural, and sexual identity, family relationships, journalistic responsibility, the search for authenticity and marginalization.

Theatre review: Urban Tales unleashes merry hell

By: montrealgazette.com

It’s time to get your grinch on again at Centaur Theatre as Urban Tales returns to plop something unseemly into the punch bowl as an antidote to all that warm and fuzzy festive cheer.

Theatre: Cole Foundation digs deep to encourage diversity on stage

By: montrealgazette.com

Whether you’re getting ready to wish somebody a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Los Posadas, etc., this is traditionally a season for giving. So it’s an ideal time to talk about the Cole Foundation and its renowned generosity toward Quebec theatre companies that are willing to take part in the intercultural conversation.

National News

Musical Catches the Spirit of Newfoundland

By: cjnews.com

When the tumultuous tragedies of Sept. 11 played out on screens around the world, who could have imagined that the plight of the passengers whose flights were redirected from New York and landed on the unfamiliar turf of Gander, N.L. would inspire a musical production?

Landmark play Creeps full of dark humour but no pity

By: vancourier.com

It’s hard to say who the creeps are in Creeps, written in 1971 by the late Canadian playwright David Freeman. Certainly the five men disabled by cerebral palsy (CP) and hanging out together in the bathroom of a sheltered workshop are not creeps, although some unenlightened people might have referred to them that way back then. Miss Saunders (Genevieve Fleming) and Mr. Carson (David Bloom), the supervisor and director of the workshop respectively, aren’t creeps; they’re probably well intentioned but are impatient, thoughtless and insensitive. One might argue that Mr. Carson is a creep because he is benefitting from the men’s unpaid labour — but how much money is there in the blocks of wood that the men endlessly sand? And what of the Rotary Club, the Shriners and the various churches and charity groups that try to make life bearable for the disabled? Entertaining the men with clowns and balloons is condescending, but chances are, if the Shriners and Rotarians could figure out how to make life better for these CP sufferers, they would.

International News

Dance: Montreal’s Nutcracker ballet a hit in Finland and beyond

By: Montrealgazette.com

Mário Radačovský, a former principal dancer with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, is becoming something of a Nutcracker machine in Europe. At last count, he has introduced Les Grands’ version of The Nutcracker, created by the late Fernand Nault, to three European cities.


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