Interview with Peter Giser, director of Snowglobe’s production of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

By: montrealtheatrehub.com

The Montreal Theatre Hub met with Peter Giser, director of Shakespear’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ opening at Mainline Theatre January 26th. To read the full article, visit here.


What’s to Expect this Winter on Montreal Stages

By: montrealgazette.com

Jim Burke offers a review of what is expected this season on the Montreal stages in terms of French and English productions. From independent pieces at Mainline theatre to the Broadway tour of Mamma Mia! at Place-des-arts, this season promises to be diverse, entertaining, and answering to everyone’s taste. Full article here.


Broadway-bound Musical ‘Come Far Away’ among 2017 Candian Theatre Highlights

By: 680news.com

A Canadian Original Musical is set to hit the Broadway Stages for its preview of ‘Come Far Away’ Feb. 18. The musical, inspired by the 9/11 event, participates in a “musical resurgence”, movement started by Hamilton, and this Canadian piece participates in this movement. In addition, Canada is proud to count among Broadway Musicals a Canadian production. To read the full article, visit here.


August Wilson Means Now

By: thenytimes.com

This article from the New York Times “talks about the powerful language and representation from the playwright, a great chronicle of the 20th century.” August Wilson, playwright who wrote plays “portraying African-American lives in the Hill district of Pittsburg.” With a movie adaptation of Fences and Wilson’s early play, ‘Jitney’ hitting the Broadway stage, the playwright’s powerful and singular voice will be heard on stage and on screen. To read the full article, click here.


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