Toronto: The 2017 Next Stage Theatre Festival was one of the best-selling ever


Great news that shows that theatre is still alive! With many festival happening, there are still many theatre goers who enjoy and support the art by attending festival around the nation, making live theatre survive. Here an example of the very successful 2017 Next Stage festival in Toronto, proving the audience still enjoys going to see plays and to attend festivals all year long- even in the harsh, cold winter months. Article here.


Successful and Golden Globes’ winner ‘La La Land’ turned into a stage musical? YES.


Yes, the highly successful ‘La La Land’ will be most likely turned into a stage musical, and sooner than expected. Previously deemed too risky to be successful, Damian Chazelle’s original movie musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone won seven Golden Globes – being the movie which won the most Golden Globes in history- is now in discussion to be translated into a stage musical. Will Gosling and Stone reprise their role on a stage? that is yet to know, but it is an exciting news for all fans of the movie and musical theatre enthusiasts out there. Article here.

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