Local News

Award Winning Puppet Show ‘Beaver Dreams’Coming to MainLine Theatre and Festival Casteliers

By: montrealtheatrehub.com

After raffling many prizes in different awards ceremonies including Frankie Awards for the 2016 St-Ambroise Fringe Festival, ‘Beaver Dreams’ is coming to MainLine to tell the story of family beavers living on a lake in the Laurentian mountains. Check out the full article here.


Workshop: CETM invite performance artists to the 3 day intensive Spark Solo Workshop


Ever had a great idea you’ve never had the time or support to get on paper? Or maybe you have short script in the works you’ve been burning to get on its feet? Or maybe you’re just starting out, and want to try your hand at solo performance.
If you have a solo, one man show in the works or even simply in mind, we are happy to introduce you to your instructor, Jon Lachlan Stewart. He will guide you through 3 days, 4 hours each of intensive immersion in the process of creating and developing a solo show. Very limited spaces available! Cost for admission per person is: $100 (all included) Purchase tickets here!

Audition Calls: Montreal

By: montrealtheatrehub.com

Here are some amazing new projects looking for you! Apply now.


National News

Bilingual Theatre in Toronto and the Relationship between Toronto and Montreal Theatre

By: thestar.com

This very interesting article looks at the relationship between Montreal and Toronto Theatre scenes and the rise of Bilingual theatre in Toronto. A refreshing read about that investigates the gap between two of the biggest and most successful theatre scenes cities in Canada, and how they can change to embrace their differences and join forces. Here is the full article.


Toronto Audition Calls: New Project Looking for Your Talents

By: tapa.ca

Here are the most recent audition calls in Toronto. Apply now if you are around town.


International News

Oscar Isaac to Star in ‘Hamlet’ at the Public Theatre

By: newyorktimes.com

Another Hollywood actor hitting the stage at the Public Theatre in ‘Hamlet.’ Isaac goes back to the stage at the Public Theatre, which is always great to see Film Actors doing theatre. Full article and details here.


Jake Gyllenhaal Shines in his Broadway Musical Debut in ‘Sunday in the Park with George’

By: telegraph.co.uk

Jake Gyllenhaal, switching things up and making his Broadway Musical Debut, and very successfully. Film actors can successfully transitions from screen to stage with impressive performances, showing once more the palette of their talent. Full article here.


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