Local News

<Notes from ELAN meeting with Canada Council for the Arts
By: http://www.quebec-elan.org/

“The Canada Council for the Arts is on the brink of implementing its New Funding Model, and wants to make sure Quebec’s English-speaking artists have the information they need to make the leap. ELAN’s Board of Directors met with Simon Brault, CEO of Canada Council, on March 24. Mr. Brault, plus Council staff Sarah Dingle and Claude Schryer, were generous with their time, answering questions from ELAN members and clarifying elements of the new model.” See more.

National News

Canadian theatre star Richard McMillan dies at 65

By: ctvnews.ca

“Celebrated Canadian theatre actor Richard McMillan has died at the age of 65. McMillan died on Sunday in Toronto after a long struggle with thyroid cancer. Born on March 20, 1951, the actor from the town of Beaverton, Ont., had a lengthy stage career on both sides of the Atlantic and was able to put his stamp on iconic characters. McMillan was the first actor to portray the villainous Scar in the Canadian production of Disney’s “The Lion King” staged at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto.” See more.

In Conversation With The Conscious, Subconscious And Unconscious Mind

By: huffingtonpost.ca

“Last week was the North American premiere of Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson and composer Kjartan Sveinsson’s “The explosive sonics of divinity.” Held at the Théâtre Maisonneuve, this theatrical piece was narrated by an expansive visual treatment, supported by a full symphony, and perpetuated by an angelic choir. This kind of drama was expected since the artists were inspired by Word Light, a novel by Nobel laureate, Haldor Laxness, and his never-ending quest for beauty despite experiencing truths and tragedies throughout life.” See more.

Toronto: The Musical Stage Company presents the Canadian musical “Onegin” May 13-June 4

By: stage-door.com

“The Musical Stage Company (formerly Acting Up Stage Company)presents the Toronto premiere of the hit Canadian musical by Amiel Gladstone and Veda Hille – ONEGIN.  ONEGIN will run in Toronto from Saturday, May 13 to Sunday, June 4 (Opening night: May 17) at the Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs (26 Berkeley St.). Tickets run from $35 to $59 and are available by phone at 416-368-3110, online at http://www.canadianstage.com, or in person at the Canadian Stage box office.” See more.

International News

Gay History in the Age of Grindr: Gabriel Ebert Goes Gently Down the Stream

By: theatermania.com

” The Tony-winning star of Matilda appears opposite Harvey Fierstein, the multiple Tony-winning author of Kinky Boots who is making his first nonmusical stage appearance in nearly 30 years. When Gabriel Ebert got the chance to make out with Harvey Fierstein onstage, he immediately said yes. “The opportunity to perform opposite Harvey is incredibly exciting,” Ebert said of Gently Down the Stream, a new play by Martin Sherman (Bent) that is now making its world premiere at the Public Theater.” See more.

Broadway stars lend voices to save arts funding with Beatles classic

By: statesman.com

“People, many who have been there for days, wait in line with dozens of others for tickets for the popular Broadway show Hamilton on June 21, 2016 in New York City. The Tony Award-winning Broadway hit has drawn huge crowds to the Richard Rogers theater in tin he hopes of getting increasingly scarce and expensive tickets. Carrying bed rolls, pillows and take-out food containers, many fans of the musical wait days in the heat and rain for a chance to get a cancellation ticket which are offered to the public once they’re declined by members of the cast and crew.” See more.

Your favorite movies are now Broadway musicals

By: nypost.com

” Loved the movie? See the show! Broadway hopes you’ll do just that this spring, when the curtains rise on “Groundhog Day,” “Anastasia,” “Amélie” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — the musicals. Name recognition aside, there’s no guarantee that what worked on-screen will fly onstage. For every hit like “The Producers,” there are dozens of misses, as those who saw “Big Fish,” “Doctor Zhivago” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will tell you.” See more.

Are You a “Precious Actor”? (Spoiler: It’s Not a Good Thing)

By: backstage.com

“One of the first gigs I ever landed as a dialogue coach was for a TV show set in the Torres Strait, just above the northernmost tip of Cape York in Australia. It’s home to a series of idyllic islands, but where the tide sometimes rises or falls eight feet in a matter of hours, and turning your back on it for long can prove deadly. If you don’t think eight feet sounds like much, try telling that to the guys who parked their Land Rover and went for a walk, only to find an ocean where the vehicle had been when they returned two hours later. […] If you’re an actor in this situation, please don’t complain. It could be worse: you could be the guy holding the ladder.” See more.

Why Every Actor Should Consider Voiceover Work

By: backstage.com

“Voiceovers are much more a part of our daily lives than most of us probably notice. In fact, more than ever before, the need for voiceovers and voiceover actors is growing by leaps and bounds. Advancements in computer and media technology are giving actors more and more opportunities to showcase their chops, all while getting paid handsomely for this sought out skill set. From commercials to promos, audio books to narrations, video games to cartoons, podcasts to live announce, the voiceover industry is exploding at the seams, and if you’re a stage, film, or television actor you should take advantage of this growing trend.” See more.

Undergraduate Theatre Alliance to present 30 plays in 60 minutes

By: lsunow.com

” Most are familiar with speed-walking and speed-talking, but audiences of “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind” will be able to walk away saying they’re also familiar with “speed theatre.” The Undergraduate Theatre Alliance is putting on a production of this show on the nights of March 24 and 25. The production, lasting an hour, will set out to perform 30 miniature plays of various genres including comic, tragic, political, personal and abstract.” See more.

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