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Study to document hate acts and hate speech in Quebec

By: The Commission des Droits de la Personne

The Commission des droits de la personne is conducting a study to document hate acts and hate speech in Quebec. As described, “the study seeks to take the measure of the actions, comments, and negative attitudes that people receive because of their real or perceived affiliation with a given group on the basis of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, or religion. We hope to gain a clear picture of acts of hate in Québec and to identify the effects of these acts on both individual victims and society as a whole. We also seek to assess the effectiveness of existing remedies and recourse.”

Hate acts can take the form of actions–for example physical agression, vandalism or destruction of property; or words–for example threats or hate speech either in person or on the internet.

Anyone who wishes to recount their personal experience with hate acts or hate speech can participate in an individual, confidential interview in either English or French. The interviewers will travel to meet you in a convenient location.

To participate, contact Saadatou Abdoulkarim, assistante de recherche, (514) 873-5146, poste 476, or by email, saadatou.abdoulkarim@cdpdj.qc.ca


Apply for the Saari Residence in August

The purpose of the Saari Residence, a residence for artists and researchers run by Kone Foundation in Mynämäki, Finland, is to provide artists and researchers from various fields a peaceful working environment and excellent opportunities for interaction.

Residency places can be applied for actual artistic work or for advancing artistic work. Priority is given to multidisciplinary, new, marginal, or non-mainstream themes and fields of art.

Spring, autumn, and winter are divided into four two-month periods reserved for individual artists, and summer, from May to August, is an intensive working period for groups. In spring and autumn, usually 8 residency guests at a time are present during four separate periods, while in summer, groups occupy all spaces. During individual residencies, the Saari Invited Artist also works at the Saari Residence from September to the end of April. An individual residency includes accommodation, a workroom, and a monthly grant. Groups may apply for support for travel and living costs during the residency period.

The residency application process is renewed to make it less complicated for residency applicants to fill in the application form. The review will also streamline the processing of applications. Applicants no longer select their own field of art, but the field of expertise of the person who will evaluate their application. In addition, there are now three different levels of monthly grants for individual residencies.

Residencies are available to individual Finnish and international artists of different fields, translators, curators, critics, and artist groups (working groups and organisations with a business ID) for artistic work and carrying out a pre-established work plan during the residency at the Saari Residence.

Do not hesitate to spread the word on how to apply!


Arts Alive! Québec Dates Announced!


As part of the Canada 150 programming, 6 regions will host weekend-long celebrations of Quebec arts and culture! Each weekend will be individual, reflecting local tastes. All ages will have the chance to be entertained and, better still, participate in an array of creative activities led by musicians, theater professionals, dancers, filmmakers, visual artists and craftspeople.

The dates for the 2017 Arts Alive! Québec festivals are:



HUDSON : JULY 20 – 23




For more information on Arts Alive! Québec, click here.


National News

The Invisibility Factor: Women in Canadian Theatre

By: rubyslippers.ca

“During last fall’s Making a Scene conference, a session was held on Women in Theatre. The discussion exploded and there wasn’t time enough for everyone’s voice to be heard, so here’s another chance to weigh-in. As columnist Kate Taylor noted, “Canadian theatre…simply cannot afford to ignore half of the available talent.”” Read more.


Toronto: FrancoQueer Presents a Reading of Paul Dunn’s “Outside” in French June 21

By: stage-door.com

“First public reading of the Franco-Ontarian adaptation of Paul Dunn’s play Outside, by Pierre Simpson. The play tells the story of Daniel, a teenager who triumphs over homophobia, intimidation, and depression.” Read more.


‘Come From Away’ to take off on North American tour in 20183

By: globalnews.ca

“Canadian musical “Come From Away” will embark on a North American tour beginning next year. The award-winning show will launch its tour at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre in October 2018.” Read more.


International News

Donald Trump, Julius Caesar and the Consequences of Offending the Powerful

By: theglobeandmail

“A shocking and violent play, currently being performed in New York’s Central Park, justifiably has Donald Trump supporters and the right-wing media upset, for it shows the murder of a character who resembles Donald Trump. The character – a tall and blond world leader, whose wife has a heavy Eastern European accent – is assassinated by conspirators from his own administration, who stab him multiple times. He dies onstage.” Read more.


Olivia Wilde on Broadway’s 1984: “What Our Play Is About Is That the Truth Matters”

By: broadway.com

“House star Olivia Wilde has landed on Broadway, opening the new season with what is perhaps the most provocative new play in ages: 1984, based on George Orwell’s iconic novel. “I just love this play so much,” said Wilde to Stephen Colbert on a June 13 visit to The Late Show. Wilde was clear that comparisons between the classic work and the political climate in 2017 make the play incredibly relevant. Colbert, who recently attended a performance of the work, pointed out just how much insight the play offers into the U.S.’ current administration. “The story’s about what is true and what is not true,” said Colbert. Wilde concurred. “What our play is about is that the truth matters.” Watch Broadway newbie Wilde below and head on over to the Hudson Theatre to see the stirring 1984.” Read more.


Theatre in Schools Scotland Project to Double Output and Perform to 20,000 Children

By: thestage.co.uk

“The Theatre in Schools Scotland project will double its capacity in its second year. It will stage four touring productions in its second year. Organisers have also revealed they are planning to make further external commissions in the third year of the scheme. The pilot project was set up in 2016 to create and test a touring and producing model that could ultimately bring one piece of high-quality theatre to every schoolchild in Scotland, each year.” Read more.


Persistence the Key to Survival of Castlemaine’s Theatre Royal, One of Australia’s Oldest

By: .abc.net.au

“From a canvas tent to a grand Victorian building before an art deco makeover gave it a Moderne styling, the Theatre Royal began its life providing live entertainment for the thousands of diggers who migrated to central Victoria in search of gold. The current building was built in 1858 with the theatre surviving two major fires to re-emerge in 1888 as a major regional entertainment venue. A dramatic refurbishment in the 1930s saw the ornate Victorian features make way for an art deco building, which remains today.” Read more.


Theatre Will Be Dead in 50 Years Unless It Fixes ‘Disgusting’ Ticket Prices

By: telegraph.co.uk

“Theatre will be dead within 50 years unless outrageous ticket prices are curbed, an award-winning director has said. Robert Icke, who is currently directing Andrew Scott as Hamlet in the play’s transfer to the Harold Pinter Theatre, said younger audiences simply could not afford the amount now charged for seats. Scott, who agreed to Hamlet’s West End transfer only on the condition that it would offer cheap seats for the under 30s, called modern price schemes “disgusting”.” Read more.


‘Smash’ Producers Develop the TV Show’s Marilyn Monroe Musical ‘Bombshell’ for Broadway

By: latimes.com

“’Smash,” NBC’s drama tracing the development of a fictional Broadway musical called ‘Bombshell” about screen legend Marilyn Monroe, had a rocky two-season run. But the series had a rabid fan base, which has seemed to multiply since the show left the air in 2013. Many of those “Smash” fans have wondered if “Bombshell” would ever find life on the Great White Way. Those hopes got a boost when the “Smash” cast performed a concert version of “Bombshell” for a one-night charity event in 2015 at Broadway’s Minskoff Theatre in front of a worshipful audience.” Read more.

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