Local News

CAM wants your opinion!Help guide the Conseil des Arts Montreal’s future values by answering a few questions. ‘Nuff said. (via ELAN)


The National Theatre School is accepting applications for their Artistic Leadership Residency. They’re looking for artistic leaders for a one year intensive residency that will prepare the selected candidate for life as a professional artistic director. If that sounds like you, have a look! (via PACT News)


A wonderful profile over at CBC.ca on Eda Holmes, new Artistic Director of QDF Company Member Centaur Theatre. We can look forward to very involved leadership, with Eda planning to host “salons” and hold office hours after Sunday Matinees. What has me really excited is the possibility of integrating local Montreal musicians into Centaur performances. So much to look forward to! (via CBC.ca)


The Montreal Gazette covers a few upcoming shows, including QDF Company Member Repercussion Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing. You can see QDF’s Sneak Peek here. Shakespeare in the Park is coming to a park near you! (via Montreal Gazette)

National News

Stage Door has the latest on Toronto’s upcoming theatre season with Aluna Theatre, The Theatre Centre, and The Coal Mine Theatre all announcing their programming for 2017/2018. Aluna Theatre’s CAMINOS 2017 Festival lineup is part of the upcoming season – it’s a “festival of new works-in-progress from local Pan-American, Indigenous, and Latinx artists who are pushing the boundaries of theatre, dance, performance art, music, visual arts, installation, and film.” The Theatre Centre is looking for new artists-in-residence! And The Coal Mine theatre is having a Fleetwood Mac moment with a Rumors COAL MINE CONCERT. Check them out! (via Stage Door)


Who doesn’t love giant puppets?! Similar to the Giants that roamed Montreal for the 375th, the streets of Ottawa have two new features for Canada’s 150th: a spider and a dragon battling it out! Check the awesome video on Twitter: There’s some really great pics and video over at CTV.ca! Puppetry is back in the public arts work in a BIG way this year. Are you glad to see it? Tweet us! (via CTV.ca)


Every week I seem to post the latest J Kelly Nestruck article over at the Globe and Mail. This week he writes about Kiviuq Returns and it’s an artistically affirming review with the endless possibilities of theatre proudly on display. It gives me hope! Look what we as theatre practitioners are capable of! From the review:

Performed by a corps of unique performers with talents you won’t find south of the Arctic Circle (theatrical throat singing, for one), it has that strong sense of larger purpose often absent from theatre – and deserves to be further developed at home and seen more widely. […]

Many of these tales had – along with traditional drumming and dances – been banned by missionaries and the Canadian government in the past. They were in danger of disappearing – so the “return” of the title is not a sign of a superhero sequel, but of reclamation and decolonization.

(via Globe and Mail)

International News

Here’s a think piece over at the Guardian about Michael Moore’s new Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, drawing parallels between that show and the Public Theatre’s Trump-y version of King Lear. File it under ‘how political should theatre be?’ (via The Guardian)


Some inside baseball – or backstage baseball? – about what goes into protecting the UK’s National Theatre from hackers & scammers. A funny little profile, with subject George Tunnicliffe taking his job as seriously as you’d expect (very seriously but we thank him). An often overlooked or unheard of part of running a major theatre company. (via the BBC)


Ever wanted to roleplay as Russian political prisoners Pussy Riot? You’re in luck, Pussy Riot have you covered! According to Pitchfork:

Created by theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, “Inside Pussy Riot” will depict Pussy Riot’s “epic ordeal when they were arrested, forced through a flawed judicial system and finally transported to a Russian jail.” Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, a co-creator, will be taking part in a selection of shows—including opening night.

It’s going to be an immersive theatre piece, meaning audience members will be fully integrated in the Pussy Riot Prison experience. Not for the faint of heart! (via Pitchfork)

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