Local News

A look a the relationship between the National Theatre School in Montreal and the Shaw and Stratford Festivals in Ontario. See any familiar names or faces? (via the Montreal Gazette)


Check in with Arts Alive! Quebec, a touring initiative by QDF Member ELAN, which has reached its halfway point. The festival has two more stops left on it’s tour: Wakefield, September 8-10; and the West Island, September 23-24.  Check it out! (via CBC)

National News

Blood Tribe performer Terrance Houle is bringing his seance-like performance piece, Ghost Days, to Toronto for SummerWorks. Houle has been travelling the country invoking the spirits of the dead, in an attempt at collective healing. The performance incorporates a lot of musical aspects, making use of loop pedals! Who doesn’t like loop pedals?! (via the Globe and Mail)


An update on SoulPepper’s New York City run. According to Albert Schultz, it was a success! The Americans think we can do good theatre now. Mission accomplished! (via Deadline)

International News

Really interesting piece on Jess Thom, an Edinburgh FRINGE performer with Tourette’s Syndrome performing Samuel Beckett’s Not I at this year’s festival. Really great insights into a process and artist unlike most, and her relationship to the piece. She doesn’t try to suppress her vocal tics at all, the most common one being ‘buiscuit’. Would love to check it out! (via The Guardian)


A Canadian performer at Edinburgh FRINGE turns the one-woman show trope on it’s head by including Siri, yes that Siri, as her performance partner. Laurence Dauphinais starts by asking Siri Turing Test-esque questions, and the piece goes from there. From the article:

The moments when Siri is stumped when asked about provenance, parentage etc are brought into parallel with her interlocutor’s own sense of absence. There’s an affinity here – however abstruse – that serves to sharpen a feeling, lurking I suspect in many of us as technology and AI leap ever forward, of existential anxiety.

(via the Telegraph)


posted by Caleigh Crow