Local News

The Montreal English Theatre Awards are announcing their nominees next week! AND you still have time to nominate individuals for the Unsung Hero of the Theatre (UHOT) Award and the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Award. (via MontrealTheaterHub)


Hair the Musical is opening at MainLine Theatre this week and QDF has two features on the show. Check out director Nadia Verrucci’s rapid fire Q & A and go behind the scenes at rehearsal with these pics! (via QDFMusings)


Montreal playwright and QDF member Rhiannon Collett has a new project that exists physically and in the digital world. A very innovative project that pushes, literally, the physical boundaries of theatre. (via SpiderWebShow)

National News

A glowing review of The Breathing Hole over at the Stratford Festival. We mentioned this show on our Roundup last week, J Kelly Nestruck is wondering if the show will do for “Canada’s Stratford Festival what War Horse was for Britain’s National Theatre?” What do you think? Let us know on Twitter! (via Globe and Mail)


Here’s a reflection on Canada Hub at Edinburgh Fringe, and a few details on some of the Canadian performances happening across the pond. Probably the last Edinburgh Dream Trip fodder this year so read up! (the Scotsman via Stage Door News)

International News

Great piece over at HowlRound delving into the connections between theatre and the empathy centers of our brain. I love the sub heading “This is Your Brain on Theatre”. A good balance here between what we know scientifically and what we know, like, really really know.  (via HowlRound)


One of those things that we know, is that theatre is inaccessible for many segments of the general population, this article in particular addresses the fact that for many, and the Royal Shakespeare Company is addressing the barriers that keep people out of post-secondary training by offering Masterclasses. (via the Guardian)

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