Local News

See what’s happening this week in Montreal theatre!


Are you a performing artist interested in touring? Check out this info session on CINARS (the International Exchange for the Performing Arts) hosted by ELAN. It could be for you! (via ELAN)


Hieronymous Bosch’s famous triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights, is the subject of Montreal choreographer Marie Chouinard’s upcoming piece at Place des Arts. I’m a fan of the painting, a fan of Bosch, and most of all, a fan of creative representations of the painting. Really insightful Q & A with Chouinard, who delves into her process here. (via Globe & Mail)

National News

ICYMI – Netflix is working with the federal government on the new Cultural Policy revamp. Here’s the CBC article on it and I’m still trying to unpack (as the kids say). Overall, it seems government policy is paying close attention to digital media platforms – not sure what that means for us IRL performers. Seems prescient somehow. (via CBC)


PACT launched All In: A National Equity, Diversity & Inclusive Initiative in September. It’s an initiative to train theatre practitioners to establish an equitable framework for the industry. Pleased to see Michele Decottignies on board – she does incredible work around this topic in Calgary and she does it un-apologetically. So far there’s no one in Quebec participating… Who will step up? (via PACT.ca)


 Here’s a play about the real life British monarchy, imagined in the future. The director made some, um, interesting “color blind” casting choices that surprisingly (or not!) didn’t end up reflecting the real story – Meghan Markle isn’t white.  (via Globe and Mail)

International News

A piece by the Australian playwright of Kill Climate Deniers, David Finnigan, whose play title sparked controversy among right-wing news outlets of varying levels of legitimacy. This is typically the group fondest of free speech, non? The group most sensitive to perceived censorship? (via HowlRound)


The Young Vic has a new artistic director, Kwame Kwei-Armah. Here’s a great look at why he was chosen and what he can bring to the Young Vic – as a actor, playwright and director he’s certainly got the experience in a wide-range of theatre disciplines. Looking forward to seeing what he brings to the Young Vic. (via the Guardian)

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