What We Do


The Quebec Drama Federation exists to support English-language theatre companies, artists and their artistic expressions in Quebec. This support manifests itself through leadership, collaborations with partners and stakeholders in the community,  promotion of the artists and companies, professional development and identification of the role of theatre in the community at large. It also provides resources and means through which success and recognition of English-language theatre companies and artists in Quebec, to the rest of Canada and on an international scale, is achieved.

Who are our members? Individuals involved in theatre in Quebec as well as interested people from outside Quebec: Actors, Playwrights, Directors, Designers, Stage Managers, Technicians, Administrators, Educators & Students. Professional Theatre companies, Independent Theatre companies, Community Theatre companies & Training Institutions, Acting/Casting Agents and Service Organizations.

What does QDF do? Represents and lobbies on behalf of companies and individuals involved in English-language theatre to government agencies, arts organizations, and community groups at all levels. Develops new audiences by promoting English-language theatre to the general public, the tourism sector, and the arts community itself. Creates a network for its members and provides them with specialized resources to facilitate career and creative development in all aspects of theatre arts.

About QDF Musings

QDF Musings is a place where we want to extend the conversation of Theatre. Our goal is to broaden awareness of the Quebec English-language theatre community, and support the development, production and promotion of excellence and build audience through audience education.

In September 2015, the questions our readers had was: “How is theatre made?” So, the blog presented 3 new concepts to help build the curiosity for our members.

  • Behind the Curtain: It is an interview where we discuss with the artist about the current production that they are working on. Why is a certain production essential for our viewers? What is the message you would like the audience to leave with.
  • Spotlight On: It is an interview regarding an artist’s choice to become a part of the theatre community and their professional development. What pushed them to become a art creator? Why is it so important for them to be a part of the arts network. What challenges have they confronted? Where do they feel their careers will go next?

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